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The Moor 'o Blackwater Park

April Ethereal: The Apostles in Triumph

devon alanna
12 November
pre-op transsexual. on hormones since Aug of 2003. Just beginning transition to the outside world. Not full time yet. Divorced. Parent. I love to learn new things and meet non-normal people (NOrmal people are cool too).

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I love almost all types of music, especially death/dark metal. Opeth RULZ. Studying violin and classical guitar. I love to shoot video and video editing. Argentine Tango.

Spiritual and very into Taoism. I also like to study Spiral Dynamics and the ideas of Ken Wilbur.

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acoustic guitar, alan watts, alice in chains, argentine tango, augustin barrios mangore, bad girls, baseball, beach, beach volleyball, buddha, buddhism, chello, chess, christian mysticism, classical guitar, cli, compassion, consciousness, cosmic consciousness, cosmology, cruxshadows, death and dying, death metal, documentaries, emptiness, enlightenment, existential angst, existentialism, fashion, female guitarists, fernando sor, film, filmmaking, final cut pro, fingerstyle guitar, flamenco, formlessness, francesco tarrega, girl guitarists, girls that play guitar, gnosticism, gossip, goth, goth chicks, guitar players, heavy metal, hector villa-lobos, hiragana, identity, illusion, integral institute, introvert, isaack albeniz, jack kornfield, japan, japanese, johnny depp, kanji, ken wilber, lao tzu, lara st john, lesbians, leslie feinberg, linux, loner, mac os x, makeup, mars volta, maxim vengerov, meditation, metaphysics, mind, mindfulness, miss misery, monks, movies, mp3s, mtf, mysticism, nails, non-attachment, nondualism, nondualistic philosophy, nonduality, one with everything, open source, opeth, otep, peace, pele, philosophy, philosophy of consciousness, philosophy of religion, practicing, psychology, qi gong, rammstein, reading, reality, religious philosophy, scales, self-knowledge, self-realization, soccer, soldier's girl, spanish guitar, spiral dynamics, spirituality, st. petersburg, stone temple pilots, sushi, tao, tao te ching, taoism, tarot, the beach at night, the doors, the mars volta, theory, theosophy, thich nhat hanh, tranny, trans, transgender, transpersonal psychology, transsexual, unity consciousness, unix, video editing, video production, videography, viola, violin, volleyball, wisdom, wise woman, wisewoman, witchcraft, x windows, zen, 日本, 日本語, 漢字